What Is CSA

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members participate in their own food supply by committing to share in the harvest of a local grower. By joining a CSA, you express your support for locally grown, ecoganic food, and to the farmers who grow it. A CSA creates a unique relationship between the consumers and the producers—nowadays, still not many people actually know the farmer who picked the tomatoes they are eating!

Members purchase shares in the winter, approximately four months before the start of the season. Each week from June through mid-November we harvest and distribute the vegetable shares. The exact selection and amount of produce depends on the nature of each season. Some trends are always present; at the beginning of the season, quantities tend to be smaller, with a focus on salad and greens. Toward the middle of the season, the variety and quantity is at its greatest. By the end of October, the range of vegetables has decreased dramatically. For many members, it is a completely new experience to follow the growing season so closely. We supply a weekly email to customers with food preparation tips, nutritional information and recipes. We send out a bi-monthly newsletter that extends crop news, personal farm profiles and other items of interest.

For more information about our prices, share sizes, and pick up locations visit our registration page.

Who Should NOT join the CSA?

We’ve learned that people who fall into the following categories are not a good match for the CSA program:

  • Anyone who is away on vacation many weeks. We do not give credit for vacation weeks, so it is your responsibility to have someone pickup your share if you are gone, or to cancel your share for the week.
  • Anyone who thinks this is a good way to save money. It isn’t. We offer good value at a fair price.
  • People who don’t really like to cook or who often don’t eat at home.
  • People who don’t like vegetables or who don’t like trying new foods.
  • People who have to know on Sunday every item that will be on their menu for the week.

What Do You Grow?

This is a list of all the things we try to grow. You will most likely see each of these items at least once, and other items many times!

crop chart 2015