Community Supporting Community

Community Supporting Community
Closing the Circle of Community Supported Agriculture

For some people, the CSA is all about the good food. For others, it is a way to support local farmers by making a substantial financial commitment (and get some good food).  And some people would love to be part of the CSA for both of those reasons but they cannot afford the full cost.

PVF West Open House 2011

CSA Members Take A Farm Tour at PVF West’s Open House

How cool would it be if the CSA community, which includes the farm and the members, could support some of its members and help them to have access to these great vegetables?!

PVF East is developing a pilot program that could make the CSA financially accessible to people who would like to participate but can’t quite pay the full price –with your help. The farm is proposing to offer six shares at a reduced cost –half of the price will be absorbed by the farm and the rest will be paid for by those who are willing and able to contribute (including the recipient).  If we get a big response to this, we might be able to offer more shares.

So, if you know someone who would really appreciate the opportunity to be part of the CSA but would need a reduced price, please ask them to contact We will not require financial documentation, but we will ask for a written personal statement.

Market Style CSA at the PVF East

Market Style CSA at PVF East 

And if you are a CSA member who would like to “Close the Circle” by donating some of the cost of a share, please contact Hana.

Here is what we are imagining:
Donate half the cost of a mini share for 4 weeks:  $46, all the way up to a full summer  for  $172.
Donate half the cost of a regular share for 4 weeks: $66, all the way up to a full summer share for $264.

Please send any questions or comments, too!