This year we are offering one comprehensive CSA instead of dividing into East and West. If you were an existing West member, we are offering the Purcellville farm as a pick up location, but are no longer offering the Leesburg Market as an option.

Registration is open to all on February 1, 2015. Returning members will receive their Returning Member Discount.

Please remember to read the CSA Terms and Conditions.

CSA shares include on-farm pickup in Vienna and Purcellville, and delivery locations. It is a cooperative CSA, with shares comprised of food grown on our Vienna and Purcellville farms and with that of other local farms: Next Step Produce in Southern Maryland, Tree and Leaf Farm in Orange County, VA, Lost Corner Farm in Lucketts, VA, and Second Spring Farm in Purcellville, VA.

We are all deeply committed to creating sustainable farms, and all farms use strictly organic farming techniques towards that end. This multi-farm collaboration allows us to start our delivery season in June and include vegetables and fruits that we do not grow ourselves.

Our Pick Up Locations

We offer on-farm pick up on both our Vienna and Purcellville farms. In Vienna, you can pick up on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. In Purcellville, you can pick up on Tuesday and Sunday. Vegetables are packed and ready to go by 12 PM and wait in an air conditioned room.

We deliver shares on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from the Vienna farm. We arrive at our last delivery spot by 3 PM, and vegetables can be retrieved from 3 PM until late evening.

PVF Pick Up locations (delivery days subject to change as we finalize routes)

View PVF East 2014 in a larger map

Pricing and Options

CSA Seasons

Summer Share: week of June 7 to week of September 20 = 16 weeks of summer produce.
Autumn Share: week of September 27 to week of November 15 = 8 weeks of fall produce.

Share Sizes

Mini Share: Designed to feed single folks or couples who eat out often. Approximately 1/4 bushel each week. Expect 6-8 items in your bag each week.
Regular Share: Designed to feed 2 adults most of their weekly vegetable needs. About 1/2 bushel each week. Expect 7-10 items in your bag each week, with some in larger quantities than the mini share.
Robust Share: Designed to feed a larger family, or strictly vegetarian couple, most of their weekly vegetable needs. As much as one bushel each week. Expect 8-12 items in your bag each week, with some in larger quantities than the mini or robust shares.

What might I see in my share?

July: lettuce head, 1 bunch swiss chard, 1 fresh garlic or 1 bunch scallions, 2 lbs. summer squash, 1 bunch basil or 1 bunch dill, 3 cucumbers, 2 lbs. potatoes
September: lettuce head or bunch swiss chard, 3 peppers and/or eggplant, 3 lbs. tomatoes, 1 bunch basil or 1 bunch parsley, 1 bulb garlic or 2 sweet onions, 2 lbs. green beans, 1 fennel or 1 celery
October: lettuce head, bok choi or bunch arugula, 1 bunch kale, 1 bunch beets or carrots, 1 head broccoli or cauliflower, 1 bunch kohlrabi or head cabbage, 2 lbs. sweet potatoes, 1 bunch turnips or radishes

Summer Share*
June 7-Sept 20
Autumn Share*
Sept 27-Nov 15
Mini Share
$23 per week
$368 ON FARM
$184 ON FARM
Regular Share
$33 per week
$528 ON FARM
$264 ON FARM
Robust Share
$43 per week
$688 ON FARM
$344 ON FARM
Extra Options
Egg Share $48 (half dozen per week) $24 (half dozen per week)
Bread Share $72 (1 loaf per week) $40 (1 loaf per week)
Flower Share $160 (1 bouquet per week) $60 for 5 weeks
Herb Share $240 (monthly delivery) $180 (monthly delivery)
Culture Share $72 (monthly delivery) $54 (monthly delivery)

* Registration Fee and Sales Tax: Every returning member will be charged $5 for registration. New members will be charged a $16 registration fee that includes a cookbook. Shares that are picked up in Virginia will be charged sales tax.

Extra Options

Egg Share: We offer fresh brown unfertilized eggs from happy birds. These are free moving chickens that sleep in a hen house (safe from foxes) and eat organic grain. You will receive a half dozen eggs per week.

Bread Share: Mom’s Breads are what they term “hearty American style” breads. Our bread share consists of a rotation of three varieties, Sunflower Crunch Loaf, Oatmeal, and Buttermilk White. The Sunflower is a dense consistency boasting high fiber and protein-perfect for toasting. The Oatmeal and Buttermilk breads are of medium density and are good for making sandwiches. The Buttermilk has great flavor for a white bread and Mom describes it as comfort food – like a big bowl of mashed potatoes!

Fresh Flower Share: Fresh Flower Share: Members receive a bouquet of flowers every week of the Summer Share and for 5 or 6 weeks of the Autumn Share, depending upon frost. The flowers are grown by Greenstone Fields, which is located next to PVF West in Wheatland. Barbara Lamborne and Dennis Fuze have been farming for eight years, using only organic practices, to grow over 100 varieties of cut flowers. The bouquets consist of 20-25 stems of available flowers and foliage. The bouquets start with a focal flower of lily, lisianthus, or sunflowers, and all of them include a pleasing mix of textures and colors.  We harvest the flowers at optimum times to ensure a long vase life.  With proper care, our bouquets typically last a week.  For a look at Greenstone and how your flower share supports a growing movement for buying local flowers, check out:

bouquet3  bouquet  bouquet2

Herb CSA Share: Members receive beautiful, hand-made, high-quality, locally & sustainably grown herbs and herbal products. Though the CSA you get to expand your herbal medicine cabinet and your knowledge of herbal remedies. Herbs and herbal products are formulated for the time of year in which they are received, but can be stored & saved for later use when they are needed. Instructions to use the herbs and herbal products will be given with the share.

We believe herbal teas and culinary spices are very important component of your share. We want the dried herbs to be close to half of the share. Herbal teas can help nourish you with vitamins and minerals essential to our health and are an easy way for our body to assimilate and use the herbs’ constituents. Many of the herbal teas, either simples or blends, can be used daily as a tonic to help support, build, and tone various body systems.

Kits in your share! We want to share the experience of making herbal medicines by asking you to make something once a month or every other month. The herbs will be supplied, but you might need to go purchase oil, vinegar, honey, or other items to make the instructed recipe.

sample herb shareWhat could be in your Share?
Dried Herbal Teas – blends and simples
Dried Culinary spices – blends and simples
Salves & Body Oils
Liniments (poison ivy itch relief or sunburn care)
Scrubs (salt and sugar to use in bath & shower)
Dried Herbs for external uses – compress, poultice, soaks
Cleaning Supplies
Insect repellants
Kits to make syrups, vinegars, dips

IMG_1079Sample Share for September
1oz dried tea blend – mineral tea
1.5oz dried tea simple
2.5oz dried tea blend – immunity blend
1oz bitters
1oz extract cold & flu
1oz dried culinary herb – parsley
1oz dried culinary herb – thyme
1oz salve – all purpose
4oz herbal vinegar
kit to make herbal vinegar

For more information, visit Gathered Threads.

Gathered Threads Culture CSA Share: Gathered Threads produces small batch cultured products from sustainably grown produce. Katherine Stewart, owner of Gathered Threads, has been fermenting and experimenting with vegetables for over 8 years. She loves some of the sample culture sharestandard ferments, but has been inspired to create new recipes from the abundant harvests of vegetable farms. Having been a vegetable farmer for over 11 years, she understands vegetables, vegetable quality, and various preserving techniques. Fermenting has resonated with Katherine since it not only retains the nutritional quality of the vegetables, but fermenting actually increases it. Fermented foods are probiotic in nature, helping our digestive systems and our whole body! Vegetables used in the cultures are sustainably grown without pesticides.

As an add-on option through PVF’s CSA, we will provide you, the member, with a monthly supply of cultures for your home. $18/month for 2 (16oz) jars of cultures. (If you know you LOVE ferments, then you might want to sign up for 2 shares of cultures!! Once you start eating them, they can go quick!!)

Our current selection of cultures ranges from several types of ‘Krauts’, such as, Caraway Sauerkraut, Beet Kraut, Curtido, and several types of ‘Chi’s’, such as, Kimchi, Neck Pumpkin & Kale Kimchi, and other cultures such as – Gingered Carrots, Beets N’ Fennel, and more! The selection will rotate as the vegetables are seasonally available.

Visit Gathered Threads for more information about our cultures!

Please read the CSA Terms and Conditions.